Fast train to Kayseri

When the high-speed train will arrive in Kayseri: AK Party Kayseri Provincial Chairman Hüseyin Cahit Özden, in a statement he made at the meeting with press members working in the city, said: di If the rail system goes down below, we can think that if we can make a two-lane road by closing it, we can relax the traffic. The Prime Minister promised 11 kilometers, X he said.
Provincial Chairman of the program organized by the AK Party Provincial President Hüseyin Cahit Özden, members of the press in the city came together for dinner and chatted. Özden informed the members of the press about the work done in the province, answered the questions. . We were going to visit you. But we thought that we would like to have a chat with our president in the organization of these visits. You guys are here, thank you all. We passed 3 selection back to back. During the 3 selection, you ran like us. Thank you for following us. We wanted to be with you, this is the reason we met here Siz.
When the press asked the last situation of the high-speed train project, Özden said, Kır As I understand, the other side ends as a high-speed train. Kayseri is also connected and connected in Sivas. In the meantime, I'm probably trying how it will be passed. Referring to the issue of taking the underground tram line in the city, the AK Party Provincial Chairman Hüseyin Cahit Özden said, una What we think with our Prime Minister is another. If you pass Sivas Caddesi location, not like the subway, I would like to describe the top of the tram passed from the bottom, the way was over. If the rail system goes down below, we can also close the top and make the two lane road. 11 kilometers of the Prime Minister promised bak he said.
Metin Kösedağ, President of the Association of Kayseri Journalists and members of the press, both national and local, participated in the program.

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