Competition between China and Japan rises in high-speed train projects

The competition between China and Japan rises in high-speed train projects: October 2015, Japan, a fast train project in Indonesia, China, 2015 15 XNUMX billion dollars in the beginning of the planned speed train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad announced that won the train.
However, China has already opposed Japan's statement, saying the formal procurement process has not yet started.
The struggle for influence in Asia, which has been going on for a long time between the two countries, has recently begun to show itself in high-speed train projects. Experts point out that many countries are interested in high-speed train projects, which are important indicators of economic development, but very few countries are actually in line. Because, in order for a high-speed train project to have a meaningful result, the cities at both ends have high income and the distance between the two extreme cities should not be too close or too close.
Projects that have recently led to competition between China and Japan: Dallas-Houston (385 km), Bangkok-Pattaya (194 km), Kuala Lumpur-Singapore (350 km), London-Birmingham (225 km).




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