Güzeltepe Ski Center

Missed exercise in the facilities of Güzeltepe Ski Center facility: Muş Provincial Directorate of Disaster and Emergency (afad) Search and Rescue teams, did not make the exercise in the snow.

Before the search and rescue exercise held at the Güzeltepe Ski Resort, Governor Seddar Yavuz boarded the snowmobile. Governor Yavuz said they wanted to move the ski resort to a very good point with the snow falling in Muş, merkez Because this ski resort has important advantages. The first one is very close to the city center, very convenient and very profitable transportation facilities. Nowadays, there is a decrease in precipitation as it is known with global warming. Şimdi

Stating that Muş Ski Center is a great runway, Governor Yavuz said,, Some ski centers are suffering from lack of rainfall. But our city does not have such a problem. So we have a great track. But we need to make infrastructure preparations to open this place to both local and foreign tourists. We will work with our friends. We want to bring this ski resort together into a significant attraction. The city has such a great capacity, we have a good airport, we have a peaceful city, we have a naive and kind people. All of these are remarkable advantages for local and foreign tourists. So we want to use these advantages in the best way. Dol

Governor Yavuz said that they have started efforts to be the center of attraction of the ski resort, ık It is not possible to develop with local facilities only. But we must complete our infrastructure deficiencies as a state. Our contacts with the Ministry of Youth and Sports continue. We need to develop it with a professional vision and planning. I hope that this will be better in the coming period and our work will be intensified here. I hope that we will turn into a ski resort where a large number of local and foreign tourists come. Um

Provided that the rescue work is more efficient because of the effective snowfall, Provincial Disaster and Emergency Director İbrahim Tanis said that son Especially with the heavy snowfall this year, we have been trying to reach our citizens in Muş. We did the work. çalış

Emphasizing the importance of the drills for the determination of the shortcomings and the efficient operation of the teams, Tanik said: ve We are working hard with 12 search and rescue team and 8 vehicles and 2 snow engine. Today, we conducted a snow exercise in the scope of these studies. In this context, we have made a drill in order to determine how we should be in a struggle to save a few patients who are stranded and to determine our own shortcomings and to test ourselves. Bu

AFAD-SEN Chairman Ayhan Çelik, Deputy Governor Ercan Öner, Chief of Police Ahmet Cemal Çalışkan, Special Provincial Administration Secretary-General Şeyhmus Yentür and some corporate superiors participated.

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