Güzeldağ Ski Center opened to the service of ski lovers

Güzeldağ Ski Center opened to the service of ski lovers: After the effective snowfall in Muş, Güzeldağ Ski Center was opened to the service of ski lovers.

The first skiing of the year was held at Güzeltepe Ski Center, which is about 8 kilometers from Muş.
With the opening of the ski season, the citizens flocked to the ski resort. Ski lovers in the winter months became the center of attention in the ski resort 100 meters height and 2,5 mile length of the runway was enjoyed.

Due to the snowtrack failure, the ski resort was opened to delayed service. Provincial Youth Services and Sports Branch Director Hamdullah Kardaş said that the deficiencies were eliminated by taking support from Bitlis.
Stating that Slalom City First Prize competitions were held with the opening of the Ski Center, Kardaş said, “With the start of the season, more precisely, snowfall had happened to our city a few days ago. There are both our citizens and those from neighboring provinces. On this occasion, we finished our alpine discipline and snowboard competitions today. These competitors will go to Erzurum to represent Muş during the week. "There is the most meaningful activity and great potential that our city can do in the winter season."

Kartaş, who noted that there are hundreds of citizens coming from the ski resort in Muş during the winter season, said:

“Not only athletes come here, but families, kids, big, young, 70-year-old grandparents. Our students come here because our track is close to the university. Apart from social activity, we also have a cafeteria and food and beverage needs are met here. We are waiting for everyone on the ski slope, come to learn skiing and evaluate the winter season. ”

Ülkü Ünver, who enjoyed skiing in the ski center, said, “Today we came to the ski center with the children. Under normal circumstances, there is no activity that we can do a lot on weekends in Muş, but it is really nice here. I came here last year, there was not so much snow last year. But this year both the snow is much and more beautiful. Today we probably had more fun if there was no fog here, but we are still very happy here despite the fog. ”

Emphasizing that they started training with the opening of the ski center, ski athlete Mustafa Gürbüz said, “The ski season has just opened, we have a race today, we are happy and happy. We are trying to have fun with our friends. We have fun by skiing, we will try to come every weekend. ”

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