Drum and nylon skiing in Uludağ

cans and nylon skiing in the Poconos: skiers with Turkey's most important tourism centers of nylon and canisters on Uludag has created color images.

One day before the semester break, preparations were completed in Uludağ. Snow peaks at 140 centimeters, where snow festivals continue to host university students, while day trippers flock to white heaven to enjoy the snow. Skiing on the runways also creates interesting images.

While novice skiers are trying to slide down the mountain, there are also different ones to follow. Images of people using nylon and drum for kaymak attract the attention of holidaymakers. Halil Yaman, one of the children skiing with nylon and drum, said, ve We came to Uludağ in the 1 journal. We use nylon because we have no other possibility to slip. Kay

There are nearly 6 hotels and entertainment venues in Uludağ, with a capacity of approximately 500 beds.