Giant Projects to Evaluate in Istanbul

Giant Projects to Evaluate in Istanbul: Real estate in Istanbul continues to earn value. In particular, infrastructure projects such as the third airport, the third bridge and the Northern Marmara Motorway have an impact on this increase in value. The reason for the increase in the value of these projects in the regions affected by the impact of these projects is the concentration of investors in these regions. The real estate prices in these regions have an upward trend.
Which regions will stand out?
So where will be valued in Istanbul, which regions will come forward? Infrastructure projects which are planned to be constructed in Istanbul are still causing some regions to stand out. Because these regions are expected to see a high value increase. This asset increase is also expected to be the reason for a rapid rise in house prices. Sarıyer district is among the regions that are expected to increase in value. 3. Bridge and 3. Sarıyer and its environs are expected to have a high value increase due to the impact of new tunnel projects that will ensure the connection of the airport projects and the district directly to the center. In fact, it is foreseen that this increase in value will bring Sarıyer to the first place among the regions where the highest increase in the value of Istanbul will be experienced.
There are other districts Başka
In Istanbul, there are other regions where real estate prices are expected to gain great value. Zekeriyaköy and Demirciköy are among the regions that are expected to have a significant increase in real estate prices due to the 3.Köprü project and the Northern Marmara Motorway. These regions are expected to add value to the value of the large infrastructure projects implemented.
Prices will increase further
With the completion of major infrastructure projects such as metro, tunnels and bridges, it is foreseen that home sales prices in the regions such as Çekmeköy, Ümraniye, Kayaşehir and Zekeriyaköy will be at a much higher level than today's levels.
Metro prices are increasing
The effect of the metro works on the increase in the value of the regions is remarkable. House prices in the regions where metro and metrobus connections are increasing are increasing. It is seen that the Üsküdar-Çekmeköy metro, which is planned to be opened in the final quarter of the 2016, has such an effect and the house prices in Sancaktepe are rising along with the project.
X The largest asset increase 3. You will live on the bridge route Köprü
CBRE International Real Estate Consultancy Leading Director of Operations, Akçin Önder Akpınar points out that major infrastructure projects, such as the third airport, the third bridge or the Northern Marmara Motorway, will lead to radical changes in Istanbul and that these projects will create regions that will experience a steady increase in years. Akpinar, one of the biggest asset increases in Istanbul 3. He also states that he will live on the bridge route.



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