Disabled Tramways Enabled in Gaziantep

Disabled Tramways in Gaziantep Enabled: The ehir Disabled Trams iler prepared by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality for the obstacles started to carry passengers.
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin, who made arrangements for the disabled, continues his work in this scope without a break.
Sahin, which has taken action to minimize the problems of transportation in the handicapped, gave instructions for the rearrangement of trams for disabled people.
In this context, the blue trams were designed in such a way that the obstacles could be overcome. Shortly before the test drive trams, began to carry passengers.
The two trolleys for disabled people currently only carry passengers on the Gar-Ibrahim line.
In the study, which is planned to increase the number of tram to 12 until April, the disabled trams will also be provided on the Karataş-Gar line.
On the other hand, the head of the Disabled Department Yusuf Çelebi and his team got on the tram prepared for people with disabilities with disabled citizens. Çelebi, chatting with people with disabilities during the journey, listened to their problems and troubles.
Indicating that everyone has the right to the pedestrian Çelebi, said the work will continue for the disabled.
Ökkeş Faruk Masmas, one of the people with disabilities on the tram, thanked Fatma Şahin for his work to solve the problems and problems of the disabled.
Disabled Tülay Kara stated that they had previously been dependent on the house and said that disabled people could now go out alone.

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