Travel from Erciyes Municipality to Erciyes

Sariz Municipality students from Erciyes trip: Students studying in Kayseri Anatolian Vocational School of Health Sariz was enjoy the shift in Erciyes Ski Center with contributions Sariz Municipality.

Mayor Ömer Faruk Eroğlu, who gave a statement about the Erciyes Mountain trip organized with the support of the Sarız Municipality, stated that as the Municipality for the good education of the students in every sense, they showed the necessary sensitivity to the students at the point of social activities. Eroglu, "Our aim here is to motivate our students a little bit." He said.

Eruz stated that the 94 student was taken to Erciyes Ski Center within the framework of social and sportive activities as Sarız Municipality. Leri While giving basic lessons such as physics, chemistry and biology by our teachers, we also contributed to social and sport activities. we support. Because we believe that such sporting activities prevent young people from bad habits. Çünkü

Erciyes Ski Center was taken to the students, teachers in the ski resort with plenty of fun and also enjoyed the skiing. He thanked the President Eroğlu for the students coming to the ski center for the first time. Eroğlu said, bil We hope that we will be able to take all our students from other schools to the ski center before the ski season. We are planning this now. Şimdi