Five students lost in the French Alps

Five students disappeared as a result of the avalanche falling in the French Alps: According to local sources, five students and one teacher from the group in the region were under an avalanche due to a trip from Lyon, France. While the high school student died in the group, 3 students were seriously injured.

An avalanche fell on a group of students who went on a school trip with their friends from a high school in Lyon, France. Students aged 14-16 came to DEUX Alpes, the ski resort of the French Alps, to ski with their teachers. According to the statements from the Grenoble governorship, students who entered a closed track to ski, were suddenly under an avalanche. Severely injured students of Lyon Saint Exupery college were treated at the hospital. The Gendarmerie officials stated that 5 of the students who were caught avalanche could not be reached yet and that the searches would continue throughout the night.

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