Age disaster occurred in Valfrejus ski resort of France

Age disaster occurred in Valfrejus ski center of France: Avalanche disaster in ski center: 5 soldiers died. A disaster occurred in the Valfrejus ski resort of France, five French soldiers lost their lives. Here are all the details ...

5 soldiers lost their lives in avalanche disaster in Savoie region of France

Valfrejus ski resort, one of the ski resorts of France, experienced an avalanche disaster that cost the lives of 5 French soldiers today.

In order to complete their training in the Alpine mountains, which is one of the routine trainings of the military trainings, 50 as much as Frenchman 2000 came to Valfrejus.

While 11 of the soldiers, 6 of whom were under avalanche, were saved alive, 5 of them died.
Last week, 3 college students died of avalanches in the French Alps.

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