10 Piece Citadis Tram for Bordeaux City of France Ordered

10 Piece Citadis Tram for the City of Bordeaux in France Ordered: To be used in the city of Bordeaux in France, Alstom company 10 more Citadis tram will be taken. 6 of Bordeaux Municipality in January announced that an agreement was signed for the use of 28 million Citadel tram in the city transportation network. With the ordered 10 tram, the number of the Citadis tram, which the city had ordered since 10, reached 200.
Ordered Citadis trams will be 44 meters long and will have low floors as 100. The trains will be used on the A and B lines of the city tram network. Trains that will be produced as catenary will also have information screens and air conditioning system. The 10 pieces of Citadel trams to be produced by Alstom are planned to be put into service in 2018. The trains will be produced at the La Rochelle factory of Alstom.

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