Fuzhou Metro Test Drives Started in China

Fuzhou Subway Test Rides in China Started: Test drives for the line, the first subway line in Fuzhou, China, started on January 4. The line, which is about 25 km long, has 24 stations and there is a warehouse zone at the beginning and at the end of the line.
The line connects Xiangfen with Xiayangcun regions. There are also two main stations, including North Fuzhou and South Fuzhou. The construction of the line that was approved for construction in 2008 was started in 2010. However, due to the archaeological findings of the excavations along the line, the construction of the line was postponed for a while and ended recently.
Even the 28 units of 6, produced by CRRC Tangshan, will be used with Type B trains. The maximum travel speed of aluminum body trains will be 80 km. The trains were designed to carry 1460 passengers in total. In fact, according to the measurements made 35 km at constant speed from beginning to end of the line travel time will be 40 min.


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