Explosion at Metrobus Stop

what is metrobus
what is metrobus

Metrobus explosion explosion: Beylikduzu Metrobus explosion occurred in the electrical transformer about 30 meters to the last stop due to an unknown reason. There was an explosion at the same time. A woman is slightly injured.

It is estimated that the power cable of the turnstile is short-circuited and therefore an explosion occurs. The incident occurred at around 08:45 in the transformer, about 30 meters from Beylikdüzü Metrobus Last Stop. The transformer explosion occurred for a yet unknown reason. After a while, the transformer started to burn. Meanwhile, a small explosion occurred in one of the turnstiles at the entrance of the metrobus stop at the same time. Büşra Akgün, 24, who was passing through the turnstile, was slightly injured in her foot. Akgün was taken to Esenyurt State Hospital by the people around.

Those waiting at the Metrobus stop and the security guards here immediately reported the situation to the fire and police teams. Firefighters from the scene put out the burning fire. In the meantime, due to the fire metrobus expeditions were stopped briefly. Police teams took security measures around. On the other hand, security guards at the metrobus stop blocked part of the pedestrian overpass near the transformer. After the firefighting teams, the expeditions returned to normal.

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