An event like an anecdote in Menemen

Menemen'da event such as an episode: in Japan, the state, a single citizen to keep a train line open debate on social media. Menemen'da event, such as an episode, can add a new dimension to the discussion.
Kami-Shirataki railway station on Hokkaido island is being kept open for the sake of a female student who goes to school by train. When the student graduated in March, Japanese Railways will close this damaging line.
CCTV's news to Turkey in social media, "it will do this favor even though the state was" created controversy. For example, a commentator at the Sour Dictionary said, oc I'm sure we would have graduated early, Örneğin he said.
The news and the discussion brought a fun anecdote in an article written by Doğan Hızlan last year in Radikal Kitap. The former TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman told this speed that the anectode is as follows:
Er The old lady tells the train attendant to inform her when they arrive in Menemen. But when they remember, the train has passed Menemen. They think of a cure immediately. When they call the head office, they learn that they will not come two to three hours behind them. Then the train goes back for a while and when they come to Menemen, they wake up the old lady and say, 'we have come to Aunt Menemen'. Old lady, the answer is; ”Thank you for telling me about the medicine at my time, der she says, drinking her medicine and continuing to sleep im '

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