New olympic excitement in Erzurum

Erzurum olympic excitement: DÜNYA Inter-university winter games with glowing Erzurum, 2017 year is preparing to host the European Youth Winter Olympics. For this reason, mobilization of infrastructure and urban transformation was accelerated in the city. In addition to the investments in the Olympic facilities, the facilities of the special provincial administration in the Palandöken Ski Center are transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality of Erzurum. On the other hand, in the Palandöken Ski Center, which has been mobilized with a half-term holiday, the voices of the children participating in the ski courses organized by the municipality are mixed with holidaymakers.


2011 in 25. Erzurum hosts the World Interuniversity Winter Games and is preparing to host a new International organization. European Union of Olympic Committees (EOC) 44 held in Prague, the Capital of the Czech Republic. At the Ordinary General Assembly, the European Youth Winter Olympics (EYOWF) decided that Erzurum would host the 2017 organization. The European Youth Winter Olympics is one of the largest Olympic Winter Sports events in the world where 50 athletes from the 17 country of Europe will compete. Olympic young athletes will perform in individual and team sports competitions in EYOWF 2017, which will be held in February in 2017.


For the organization to be held in Erzurum, the whole city has been declared a mobilization. In the city where the infrastructure works is accelerated, the Olympic facilities will also be overhauled. The restoration work carried out in the historical buildings of the city is being accelerated and it is trying to be cultivated in February of 2017. On the other hand, the facilities under the special provincial administration of Palandöken Ski Center will be transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality of Erzurum said. After the transfer process, it was learned that the improvement of the ski facilities will begin. For this purpose, a delegation that went to the Principality of Andorra between France and Spain in southwestern Europe recently received information about the facilities, the operation of the ski facilities, the mechanical facilities such as runways, teleski, chair lift, gondola lift. The delegation learned that the Palandöken, Konaklı and Kandilli ski resorts were in contact with investors who were experts in their fields to become a world winter tourism center.


On the other hand, the ski slopes in Erzurum started with the holiday holiday. However, due to the escalation of terrorist incidents in the world and the aircraft crisis with Russia this year, the runways were left to local tourists. Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, launched last year with the slogan, do not stay skiing X launched in the scope of the winter sports schools campaign to ski to Palandöken facilities every day, brought to learn the cheerful sounds of students 360 student, nowadays is mixed with the sound of holidaymakers. Guests who can also ski at night on the illuminated tracks participate in activities with snow rafting, sledding and inflatable cushions.


Erzurum Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Tab, stating that the locomotive of Erzurum winter tourism "Palandöken Mountain is the 3185 meters above sea level, not give up skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts hosts the Turkey's most important ski resort. Palandöken Ski Center, Turkey has the longest ski slopes. 6 32 thousand people will be able to ski at the same time skiing center, high altitude and high-quality sports with unlimited skiing offers sports fans. Erzurum, 2017 EYOWF short in the European Youth Winter Olympics Winter Sports in Erzurum will be held. EYOWF 50 is one of the biggest Olympic Winter Sports organizations in the world where 17 athletes from the 2017 country of Europe will compete. This is a great investment in the organization of sports as well as ice skating, ice hockey and skiing will be held in the individual and team sports branches will give the fight against Turkey's entry into the degree of competition, "he said.

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