Erzurum is famous for its winter tourism

Erzurum are talked about by the winter tourism: Palandöken and Konakli Ski Centers Operations Manager Hit Show "Erzurum as a number of ski resorts and skiers Turkey"

Winter has made its name with the investment in the tourism and Erzurum Konaklı incorporating the world-famous ski resorts Palandöken, Turkey's winter tourism "attraction" stands out as the city.

Palandöken and Konaklı ski resorts, which are visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists every year in winter months, are famous for their runway lengths, snow quality and night skiing.

Families who come to Erzurum for skiing, which is one of the indispensable addresses of holidaymakers in winter, enjoy sledding and skiing with their children.

- "We have no examples with its tracks and snow quality"

Palandöken and Konakli Ski Centers Operations Manager Cem Hit Show, AA correspondent, Turkey's most beautiful ski resorts in the province, and voiced no longer the demanding track. They shot of cold air to attract attention due to the snow quality is quite high, "" Erzurum as a number of ski resorts and skiers Turkey, "he said.

Ski lovers from the city enjoying skiing, Vuraler said, said:

“We visited many ski centers abroad, too. Maybe the ski resorts and slopes are not as beautiful as ours, but they are chirpy. The reason is that their facilities work perfectly. There is no shortage of cafeterias and hotels. Simply put, we don't have a car park. This is a very important event. Let's not think that when a customer comes, he will only ski. All side effects should be eliminated. We are very good at preparing tracks and safety. We have ski centers with tracks over 65 kilometers. Palandöken and Konakli Turkey's largest independently. Erzurum as we think we are already the best in the pole Turkey. "

- "Night skiing, which is not available in many places even abroad, is done in Erzurum"

Stating that the lighting on the tracks of the hotels in the city has attracted the attention of tourists in the last two years and that ski lovers can ski at night, Vuraler said, “We consider Erzurum as a whole, even if it is the runway of private hotels. We are always there for those hotels when they need something. Because night skiing is done in Erzurum, we sing our breasts wherever necessary. There is not much night skiing even abroad. As time passes, we will address more and more tourists, ”he said.

Expressing that skiers who came to Erzurum left the city with great happiness, Vuraler said, “But Uludağ is far ahead of us with its number of customers and income. The reason is that ski lovers don't just want to ski when they come to ski resorts. He wants to do some activities besides skiing. We are lacking in Erzurum in this regard. In other words, we should please the skiers who come here with social activities as well as skiing. We are lacking in this regard. Once we've completed this process, we have a number of each issue of Turkey "was quoted as saying.

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