Erzurum 2. International Ice Climbing Festival

Erzurum 2nd International Ice Climbing Festival: On the second day of the “Erzurum 2nd International Ice Climbing Festival” held in Erzurum, climbers climbed in 3 different waterfalls.

13 mountaineers, 122 of them foreign, who came to the city for the festival organized by Erzurum Governorship and Metropolitan Municipality, set out from Uzundere district in the early morning hours for the waterfalls they will climb.

The climbers, who were divided into three groups, reached Pehlivanlı, Abinis and Şenyurt waterfalls in Uzundere and Tortum districts after a difficult journey under heavy snowfall.

Turkey as well as Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Iran, Romania and Italy climbers, mountaineers national nature Palute surveillance and Bronze in the aforementioned Şarkoğl made with nuts climbing in a frozen waterfall.

Erzurum, indicating that one of Turkey's unique point Palute, he said:

“Many new regions and sectors have been opened in terms of mountaineering. Previously, our mountaineering friends did route studies in the regions. This festival is new in terms of promotion. Get something like this ski in Erzurum. Even though it holds in Erzurum, there are similar places in the region. This is a pilot area, it needs to be developed. "

Mountaineers will continue to climb the waterfalls in Uzundere and Tortum districts tomorrow.

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