Ski resorts in the east

The ski centers in the east were celebrated: The ski centers attracted great attention when the snow thickness reached the desired level in the Eastern Anatolia Region.

Citizens, who took advantage of the weekend and semester holidays in Bitlis, flocked to the El-Aman Ski Center. Especially the students who tried to enjoy the holiday had fun.

Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Acting Relationship Öztaş, said in a statement, the snow thickness of the desired level to reach the density of the ski resorts, he said.

Stating that there are 3 ski centers in the city, Öztaş said:

“Athletes have been trained in these facilities for years and are still being trained. 40 percent of the instructors who teach skiing in Uludağ, Erciyes and Kartalkaya are skiers from Bitlis. We are proud of it. We train more athletes at Erhan Onur Güler Ski Resort in the city center. Those who start skiing for the first time and can ski more comfortably come with their families to El-Aman Ski Resort in Rahva location of Bitlis-Tatvan highway. Citizens have a great time here. This ski resort is an ideal place for families. ”

Öztaş stated that they are planning to build a building in the facility and extend the runway and that they have prepared a project for this.

Öztaş said, “I believe that ski lovers from neighboring provinces will come here with their families. People come here and enjoy picnics and skiing. This is important for our city. In addition, ski jogging is also available at this location ”.

Provincial Police Chief Fatih Kaya also stated that people at the ski center enjoy the snow at the weekend and said that he learned how to ski in Bitlis. Kaya said, “I learned skiing here last winter season. "I've made progress in skiing this season," he said.

Students who are interested in the semester holidays also said they were happy to come to the ski resort.