Diyarbakir Railway Station 81 has been serving the region for years

Diyarbakir Station 81 years serving the region: Turkey State Railways (TCDD) opened in Diyarbakir region by 1935 years 81 station serving the people.
Diyarbakir Railway Station, which has been active in Diyarbakir for years and serving the local people, continues to carry passengers. The station, which has served the city for nearly 81 years, remains one of the most popular means of transportation for seasonal workers and students, although it has lost its former popularity over the years. Trains with increasing occupancy rate, especially during holiday periods and seasonal workers, despite the percentage of occupancy is not missing.
Providing information about the train and the operation of the Train Station Station Chief Baki Ersoy Diyarbakir Railway Station, with the holiday period, the occupancy rate of the 100 50 percent of passengers can not find a ticket, the same intensity was experienced in the season of seasonal workers, he said. Ersoy, en Our train is now very good full occupancy rate so that even late arrivals can not find the tickets are running out during the day. Although the number of train users decreased with the development of new alternatives and ease of transportation, our occupancy rate never dropped below 2023. If you ask me whether it's a profitable business, of course not. Even the Ankara train services are covered by the treasury, but it is a service that is already provided without profit. We would like to profit, but it is unreasonable to talk about snow in these circumstances. Because we use old trains instead of high-speed trains produced by developing technology, our infrastructure is not very good in terms of developing technology and conditions, in this case it extends travel distance, another reason is that ticket prices are very convenient. If the travel time is shortened and a little more improvement is made in the prices, it will be more preferred and profit. Of course, there is no such thing as a fast train. XNUMX projects are among the projects, but until then we do not know what happens, of course, ama he said.
Ersoy also gave information about the trains flights and prices, ticket prices are suitable enough to cause damage, train journey according to the wishes of passengers and seats with different options according to the ticket prices have changed accordingly. Ersoy said, UM 4 or 5 flights are available from Diyarbakır to Ankara every week. We have regional flights. We're going to Batman or county. We have a choice of wagons according to the wishes of our passengers. We have single or double sleepers. In our two-sleepers, there are curtains together, passengers do not see each other and there are sinks and refrigerator in their wagons where they can wash their hands. We've got sofas and sleeping cars. We offer duvets, pillows and duvet covers to our passengers who prefer these wagons. They can use the convertibles on their beds as a bed whenever they want, and there are also washbasins in our wagons where they can wash their hands. Passengers who want to travel in these wagons pay 56 TL ticket money. Citizens traveling in our seats are paying 41 TL. In our regional flights, ticket prices range from 3 and a half to 5. In addition to this, we have various discount packages for the press members who are yellow press cards, TSK personnel, teachers, 07-12, 12-26 and 65 passengers over the age basın.

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