Akşehir-Konya Rails

Unlimited Discounts for Akşehir-Konya Railways: A discount was made indefinitely on Raybus services between Akşehir and Konya, which were coordinated with the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) in Konya, and which were launched in order to benefit citizens of Akşehir and other districts.
Akşehir Mayor Salih Akkaya went to Akşehir Station and met with Akşehir Station Chief Ramazan Ersöz about the discount on Raybüs flights.
Noting that the indefinite discounts on Raybüs flights are satisfactory for the citizens of Akşehir, Mayor Akkaya said, “Akşehir-Konya Raybüs transportation, which was 19 lira and 25 kurus before; With the newly applied discount, 15 liras and 50 cents decreased. In addition, the student-youth tariff between the ages of 13-25 was 20 lira 12 cents with a 50 percent discount, while it was 65 lira and 06 cents with a 12% discount at the age of 50 and over and between 7-75 ages. Our citizens who will go to Ankara with a high-speed train connection from Konya by taking the Raybus from Akşehir will reach Ankara from Akşehir for 45 liras and 50 kurus. Those who are in the student-youth tariff between the ages of 13-26 will reach 36 liras 50 kuruş, and those who are between the ages 65 and over and those between the ages of 06-12 will reach 32 liras 75 kuruş from Ankara. 40 percent of our citizens with disabilities will also be able to benefit from these flights completely free of charge. One of the topics that we promised in our elections for our Akşehir and that we shared with our people together with our deputies was the subject of Raybus. With the support of our Prime Minister and the Minister of Transport of the time, our current Deputy Prime Minister Lütfi Elvan Bey, our Raybüs flights started. We will have attempts to be placed between Akşehir and Afyona in the future for Raybus services, which were first put between Akşehir and Konya. ”
Stating that they received the information that the railway line between Sarayönü and Konya will be renewed in accordance with Raybüs during their meeting with the Regional Director of Railways, President Akkaya said, “The time to reach the railroad transportation between Akşehir and Konya, which is now 2 hours 27 minutes, will be reduced to one and a half hours after the renewal of this line. The 50-kilometer line change between Sarayönü district and Konya will be completed on the schedule of our railways this year and most likely this year. Thanks to the renewal of this line, the trips with Raybus will become more attractive. On behalf of the people of Akşehir, I would like to thank our Prime Minister, our Minister of Transport, our General Manager of Railways, our Regional Director of Railways, on behalf of the people of Akşehir, who have contributed to this discount indefinitely on railroad trips upon the request of our citizens. ”
Raybus services between Akşehir and Konya continue twice a day at 06.30 and 12.20 in connection with the High Speed ​​Train. Relatives of Martyr, veterans and veteran relatives can also benefit from the free shuttle services.

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  1. I would like to express my satisfaction that my previous comment on this issue has been taken into account to some extent. This was the truth. My recommendation for Afyon akşehir is to extend the route of Raybus operated between Eskişehir and Afyon in connection with Istanbul YHT to Akşehir with a new arrangement. In this way, comfortable, fast and safe transportation will be provided from Akşehir to both Afyon and Istanbul and to Bursa and Izmir, which will be activated in the following years.