Cableway and Snow

Denizli's Cable Car and Snow Enjoyment: After the snowfall which is effective in high sections, the people of Denizli, rushed to the Bağbaşı Plateau to enjoy the cable cars and snow. The people who took the ropeway, looked at the city from the fog, the plateau was full of white beauty.

Denizli's high-altitude settlements and the mountains last night snowed. The profit continues until the morning; Çameli, Acıpayam, Serinhisar, Çal and Çivril were covered with a white cover. One of the places where snowfall was effective was the Bağbaşı Plateau, where Büyükşehir municipality established its cable car facilities.

The people of Denizli, who heard that Bağbaşı Plateau was covered with snow, began to arrive at the cable car facilities in the afternoon. Visitors benefited from the availability of air, cabins ride to the Bağbaşı plateau.

Some of the visits to the snow-covered area, some snowball played, some looked at Denizli high, some self-photograph, some selfie took. Visitors who have had a pleasant day in nature did not neglect to make snowmen.

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