The New Issue of the Journal of Railway Engineering was published

The New Issue of the Journal of Railway Engineering has been published: The third issue of Railway Engineering magazine, which was issued by the Association of Railway Engineers (Demühder), was recently published and its distribution to the members of the association and the authors.
Thank you to all our friends who contributed to the publication.
3 of Railway Engineering Magazine. Number of articles in the content:
Railway and Engineering - Ş. Contact Tayfun directly
National Electric Locomotive E1000 Tests Started - DEMÜHDER
Rail Systems in 2015 - Sabri EKREM & Ayşe Müge ŞAHİN & Z. Zülfer TELLİ
Production of National Freight Wagon with Engineer View - Tudemsas General Manager Yıldıray KOÇARSLAN
Eurasia Rail will host the 2016 participating company in 30 in 300!
Railway Transportation and Safety - Caglar TABAK
Relation Between Safety and Security Concepts in Railways - Yunus Emre ÜSTÜNDAĞ
Design of Railway Bodywork Parameters: A Quality Function - Semih GÜNEŞ, Adem EREN
Turkey's Transportation caught up in politics General Availability of Evaluation of the Framework of Railway Transport Systems and Future Perspective - Hulusi AYDEMİR
Train Planning and Monitoring System Project - Mustafa KAYA
A New Merkezi Surface-Treatment-Center ”of the City of Vienna Public Transport and Transport Company - M. Bahattin ŞENKÖK
ERTMS ETCS Traffic Control Systems and Experiences - Fatih SARIKOÇ
Level Crossing Early Warning System (HEGEUS) - Cenk BİLDİRİCİ
Train Scheduling Problem: A Modeling and Solution Approach Example: Özgür YALÇINKAYA
Technical Design of Signal and Interlock Systems at Railway Maneuvering Plants - Thomas KOCHOLL, Türker AHİ
The Brake Soaps Used in Railway Vehicles and Their Mechanical Properties
Investigation - Ahmet AKKUŞ, Mukadder YEĞİN
How Japan Improves Shinkansen High-Speed ​​Trains - Dr. View İlhami's Full Profile



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