On snow, the fight against snow continues unbroken (Photo Gallery)

On the railways, the fight against snow continues without interruption. Snow and type of intensive Tatvan-Muş road 1 began to clear from January.
26.12.2015-30.12.2015 TCDD 5 with heavy snow. On the roads between Muş-Tatvan and Van-Kapiký stations located in the district administration zone, snow struggle continues uninterruptedly.
The railways, which are affected negatively by heavy snowfall, are being tried to keep the trains open without being given to the trains.
10 8 24 units support 1 units.
Before the train travels on the Muş-Tatvan road, the locomotives are on the road after cleaning the roads with the Rolba snow plow.
55 in Van, 110 in Tatvan, 125 in Rahova; 'Dr.
The Vangölü Express is run (strengthened) to prevent any loss of time and loss of time.
The battle for snow continues between Tatvan and Muş - Genç.

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