Demirspor has not forgotten his former footballer

Demirspor did not forget his former footballer: Tamshemsas General Manager, who visited the Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Salim Kilic, for the commemoration program üm Sivas Demirspor from Past to Present Sivas organized for the 75. Demirspor Club President Yildiray Kocarslan presented a plaque and a certificate of appreciation for his services.
Salim Kılıç, the Provincial Director of Youth Services Sports said: oyn It is a great feeling to be remembered by my club that I played football years ago. Sivas Demirspor I am proud of our club's 75 year-old history and successes in the past. Sivas .
General Director of Tudemsas and President of Sivas Demirspor Club Yildiray Kocarslan is a former sportsman and we always see our valuable Sports Provincial Director who is the person who directs the sport in Sivas. I believe in the hearts of the future. Göre He said.

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