The Silent Turkey Cross Country Races

Hundreds of athletes from the 48 provinces participated in the B League Ski Races held in our Gerede district. From the planned activities of the Ski Federation, the competitions were held quietly the previous day.

Turkey has one of the longest ski with Geremi Arkut Mountain Running track the total up to 300 from across the country participated in the competitions held in the ski resort athletes. 13 and 14 January in the ongoing both the long and from each of 48 provinces of the athletes participating in the B League 1.Ayak Cross Country Ski Army joined the Army provinces Running Race Sports Club President Fevzi Turan, B league organized by Turkey Ski Federation Cross Country race of the Army Youth Army Youth Sports He said they attended with his club. Army Cross Country Racing participated for the first time stated that the President Turan, "Turkey Ski Federation conducted by Geremi in the district of Cross-Country Running competition we attended our 15 athletes. Cross-country Skiing Races In All Categories Men's and Women's B League 1st Foot Skiing Races are participating in total from 48 provinces. We attended for the first time. Personally, I came to Bolu for the first time. The skiing opportunities here are great, ”he said.

Turan added that he believes that the people of the region are skeptical and that Bolu will be the center of skiing in a short time.

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