The first two stages of the project will be announced in February

The tender for the first two stages of the project will be announced in February: the AK Party deputy Çorum and the Turkish Grand National Assembly Uslu, Delice-Çorum and Çorum-Merzifon will be announced next month. In addition, the tender for the Merzifon-Samsun line will be held in February 5.
Justice and Development Party Deputy Çorum MP and Grand National Assembly Administration Manager Salim Uslu, Çorum's nearly a hundred-year long rail project has become concrete with the power of the AK Party, he said.
MP Salim Uslu, the annual 2,5 million passengers by rail and 3,25 million tons of cargo transportation is intended to be emphasized. Uslu said, ın We have been against our people with our services. We continue to perform step-by-step follow-up of our promises. We realized projects that were not imagined in 2000. "2023 is not even on the 2035 targets," he said. Project and Feasibility Study of our completed railway project 62. Taking an initiative into the Government Program, the Engineering Services and Implementation Project was taken into the 2015 year investment program and an important step was taken. Our railway project 64. It is included in the Government Program. Hükümet
Providing information about the tenders of the railway project, Uslu said in his statement: edi The Project for Engineering Services and Implementation with an investment value of approximately 19 Million TL is projected to be completed in 2 years. In order to carry out the process quickly, final project preparation auctions were planned in the 3 section of Delice-Çorum, Çorum-Merzifon and Merzifon-Samsun. Preliminary tender of Delice-Corum section is expected to be announced in February 9 June 2015. 96 km UM Çorum-Merzifon Railway Surveying, Engineering and Consulting Service Procurement ”(Pre-Qualification) 30 September 2015 evaluation studies are in progress. Approximately 95 km Merzifon - Samsun (Infrastructure, Superstructure, Electromechanics) Railway Surveying, Design, Engineering and consultancy service work will be performed by TCDD General Directorate on 5 February 2016. Good luck ”
Uslu, which will be the railway with a total length of 289 kilometers will be fast and double-lane electric and signaled.

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