Kent Square-Terminal tram line and Istanbul road will change greatly (Photo Gallery)

Istanbul Square will be greatly changed with Kent Meydanı-Terminal tram line: Istanbul road urban transformation project, which is one of the most important urban transformation projects of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, starts with the expropriation of 20 building in the area of ​​60 thousand square meters. With the intersection arrangements to be made at the entrances of Beşyol and Panayır, the face of the region will be completely changed. At least 2 million TL investment to be made by metropolitan municipality with rail system and expropriation activities is expected to trigger other urban transformation projects in the region. Mayor Recep Altepe reminded that despite the fact that 300 is a precedent on Istanbul, no significant transformation has been achieved until today. For the expropriation of the 2,5 building, we spent a million TL. We will perform the stage of transformation without hurting anyone. Dur
The Metropolitan Municipality has been carrying out the most important urban regeneration project, which has carried out the urban transformation with the service projects that transform the areas where the old building stock is located mainly into the roads, sports facilities, parks and social facilities. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has been working on the Istanbul urban transformation project for a long time, took the first concrete step. At the east side of Beşyol Junction, the button was pressed for the transformation of an area of ​​approximately 4 thousand square meters. The expropriation of the 20 building on the site in question was completed and 60 thousand TL was spent for these expropriations. When the expropriated buildings are discharged for demolition, the fate of the region will be changed from the beginning with the T40 City Square - Terminal tram line which will walk simultaneously with this project.
We didn't make anyone a victim
Mayor Recep Altepe presented the Istanbul urban transformation and T2 tramway project to the public during the press conference held in Atatürk Congress Culture Center, Muradiye Hall and gave information about the urban transformation studies they have carried out throughout the city. Expressing that the urban transformation of Istanbul is a late issue, Mayor Altepe said, olduğun Here is the 2,5 precedent. Although it is quite profitable, the transformation has not been achieved so far. As a result, we stepped in as a municipality and started the transformation in the 200-meter section towards the city center on the east side of Beşyol Junction. We have largely completed the expropriation of the 20 building in the area of ​​approximately 60 thousand square meters. While we were making these expropriations, we did not make any victims. Because they're all under construction. We divided the region into steps as residential and commercial areas. If the current value of square meter 800 pounds thousand 1500, 1800, instead of 2 thousand TL. Because the investment in this region will return much more. As soon as the project has been implemented, we will earn more than we have invested as a municipality. We will use it for the transformation of another region. Rights holders sold their place to us in no way without being victimized because we gave more than their present value. We will see the transformation in the region together with the demolitions to be made in the coming days. Ön
The highway meets aesthetics
T9.4 City Square with a total length of 11, which will go from the middle of Istanbul Road, will provide an aesthetic appearance to the highway as well as being the transportation project. Things need about the architecture of the pedestrian overpass across Turkey voicing both examined samples abroad overpass President Altepe, "Our friends are working on this issue. The entrance of Bursa to Istanbul will gain a distinct value with the overpasses that have this aesthetic appearance. We live in Bursa on the most architectural projects that reflect our culture and history. Bursa
Within the scope of the project, the City Square, Beşyol and Panayır intersections with the T2 tram line will work faster than any voicing Chairman Altepe, daha Only the T2 line and the first stage of the nationalization of Istanbul, we invest in the 300 million TL. This figure will increase with the progress of the project stage. We expect these investments to trigger the total transformation of the region. Bu



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