Train in Turkey

Konya Train Hit Car 1 Dead: 44-year-old Metin Ergül, the car driver, died in the accident that occurred as a result of the passenger train hitting the car at the level crossing in Ereğli District of Konya.
The accident occurred today at 16.30 at the level crossing in front of Gülbahçe Mahallesi Cumhuriyet High School. On the way from Karaman to Adana, the engineers Mehmet Şahin and Mustafa Ünal hit the Toros Passenger Express with flight number 71306 at the level crossing where warning signs were located, and the 42 ENZ 78-plate car driven by the paver, Metin Ergül. While the car dragged under the train about 150 meters turned into a scrap pile, the driver Ergül was seriously injured. Ergül, who was stuck in the vehicle, was rescued from the place he was stuck with the intervention of firefighters. Ergül, who was taken to Ereğli State Hospital by ambulance, lost his life despite all the interventions. The investigation continues.



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