Siemens to Make Electrification of Lima Metro in Peru's Capital

Siemens Will Perform Electrification of Lima Metro, Peruvian Capital: Ansaldo STS has chosen Siemens for the electrification of Lima Metro, the capital of Peru. According to the agreement, Siemens Lima metro will be responsible for the 2nd Line and the first part of the 4th Line.
The two-way Lima metro 2. The line connects the Ate and Callao regions with a length of 27 and serves in the east-west direction. Within the scope of the signed project, 2. There is also an extension of the line to the airport.
Even the% 80 part of the electricity to be used will be covered by the electricity supplied from the hydroelectric power plants. 2017 in 2 with the end of the project. Even the given service will continue from where it left off.

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