Bursaray's new wagons go down the tracks

The new wagons of Bursaray go down the rails: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is commissioning the new wagon, 60, which has been purchased to increase the frequency of voyage and decrease the passenger density in Bursaray.
According to the statement made by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the delivery of 60 trains, whose tender was completed, has started. Stating that the trains purchased to increase customer satisfaction during peak hours are in the test phase, the officials said, “As in all major cities, it is not possible to provide full daytime service comfort during peak hours. According to the current train operating schedule, the frequency of travel to the common line between the Carbed station and the Acemler station is 5 minutes, and on the Emek and university lines is 10 minutes, and according to the current number of wagons, train sequences with four wagons are used on lines 1 and 2 when passenger density is present. .
The officials stated that the delivery of 60 new trains, which were tendered by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, started, “The tests of the two incoming vehicles are being done. In March and April 2016, a series of other vehicles will be created and put into operation. As the number of vehicles delivered increases, the number of train sequences will be increased and better service will be provided. However, the use of existing vehicles will continue, ”he said.
Noting that older trains are still being used in Paris, the officials said, “The problems with Duewag trains are not caused by the fact that the train is second hand. Every train entering a new system, whether it is new or second hand, is always experiencing difficulties in adapting to the system. As it is known, when Siemens and Bombardier trains were put into use, although there were zero vehicles, there were problems related to adaptation to the system for about 2 years. "The second hand Duewag trains have also had problems of adaptation to the system."



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