Bursa to be equipped with underground metros in the coming period

Bursa will be equipped with underground metros in the upcoming period: Ak Party Provincial Chairman Cemalettin Torun, in the coming period will be reached by underground subways in all parts of Bursa, he said.
Torun evaluating the 2015 year at the press conference in the provincial building, told about the projects to be made in Bursa in the new period. Stating that the Istanbul-Bursa-Izmir highway is one of the most important projects, Torun said that a very important distance has been taken and added, un A project to go to Bursa and İzmir after the Gulf crossing bridge. Bursa-Izmir will take a little more time, but there is a more feverish work between Istanbul and Bursa. Recently, the Minister of Transportation Binali Yildirim and Selcukgazi region in the region made a thousand 250-meter-long tunnel of light to see the ceremony. 15 On January, the ship will open the region from the Karsak strait to the Gulf crossing bridge. The most densely used Topçular pier. 15 From January, we will reach the Topçular pier from the Karsak Strait in 15-20 minutes. 15 opens this road after days. The road will be opened from Karsak to Ovaakça at the latest in April and May. On the same date, the Gulf Transition Bridge will be completed. Bursa-Istanbul between April and May, such as the 45 will be in minutes. Works on the road to Izmir are continuing. It will take a little longer, said 2 to be completed year after year.
In Metro is a very expensive investment, ı said Torun. From time to time, an investment that pushes the metropolitan budgets very hard. We will request the support of our central government. Just as Istanbul and Izmir, our central government supports the subway production and local governments, we hope to support our subway in Bursa. There is a technically successful team in the Metropolitan Municipality. Only the financial point of this project is important. This is a billion-dollar project. This requires the support of the central government. With the support of metropolitan and government, we want to connect every point of Bursa with metro network. This will be one of our most important goals in the new era. Our goal to solve the transportation problem of Bursa is not to extend the existing lines, but to embrace Bursa with the new metro networks. All of these new lines will be underground. This is not a light rail system, it will be a real subway that reaches all over the place. Bu
Torun, members of the 306 bin, all of them will visit 3 per month said.

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