Bursa City Center-Terminal Tram Line Work Started

Works started in Bursa City Center-Terminal Tram Line: Rail laying works started on the T2 tram line projected by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in order to connect the city square to the terminal.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality by the city square to connect the terminal between the projected T2 tram line rail laying work began. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, 158 million TL rail system manufacturing, as well as the new wagons environmental regulations, along with Istanbul to invest about 300 million TL said. President Altepe, about 9,5 kilometers long line manufacturing, railway and highway bridge in the project, which includes the construction of the project in the year 1.5 emphasized that they aim to be completed.
With the aim of removing transportation problems in Bursa, the new road and road expansion works, bridges and intersections as well as rail system investments in the Greater City, which will focus on comfortable and uninterrupted transportation of the terminal will extend the T2 tram line has started work.
BURULAS Intercity Bus Terminal started the work on the site investigating the Mayor Recep Altepe, the accessible brand to continue to work as a city reported. Altepe and his superstructure, along with all his work in the real sense of a European city of progress rapidly becoming the President of Altepe, the city's most important problem of urban transportation problem with rail systems, said they aimed to solve. President Altepe stated that all roads were tried in order to eliminate the traffic problem in developed countries but all solutions intersect in rail systems. Kaldırıl Our biggest problem is urban transportation. To overcome this, we aim to spread the preferred rail systems of the world. We have made great strides in this period in our city with iron nets. We carried our metro line to Görükle and Kestel. Now the old name 'Yalova' is the new name 'Istanbul' began to work on the rail system. At the moment, the contractor established the construction site and began laying rail work in the direction of Terminal. God willing, this line will be in service during the 1.5 year, İn he said.
President Altepe, City Center-Terminal between the rail system line and additional environmental arrangements, with the urban transformation of the Istanbul Road will experience a great transformation, he said. Concerning the fact that the urban transformation works started simultaneously with the rail system applications, President Altepe emphasized that they will carry out the destruction of the 60 building within the next few days. In With all the arrangements, Istanbul Road will become a street worthy of Bursa. We started the work. Hopefully we will finish as soon as possible zam.
The T-2 tram line works, which started in September, are expected to be completed within 800. There will be 11 stations, which will be located in the middle of Yalova Road. The 9 bin 445 meter of the total 8 bin 415 meter long line, the main line to be operated and the 30 meter will be used as a warehouse parking area. Within the scope of the construction tender; In addition to the stations, 3 railway bridge and 2 highway bridge, 6 pieces transformer and 1 warehouse will be built on the creeks. When the T2 line starts working, the voyages will be carried out with 12 tram lines using 2 tram. Operating speed is expected to be higher than the T1 line. Stations will be 60 meters long and overpass. Within the scope of the study, energy transmission lines will be taken under ground and all lighting systems will be renewed. The existing service routes will be included in the main road with the new arrangement, while the environmental arrangements and the city entrance will gain a more aesthetic appearance.
The stations of the new tram line between Kent Square and the City Bus Terminal will be located at the front of the City Square, under the Gençosman Türk Telekom, 300 meters behind the Beşyol Junction, 300 meters ahead of the Beşyol Junction, front of Melodi Wedding Hall, and the front of the Forest Regional Directorate. , Front of the Traffic Inspection Branch, Front of Intercity, Front of the Identity Store, Front of AS Center, Intercity Bus Terminal.

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