BTK Railway to be an Alternative for Azerbaijan Economy

BTK Railway to be an Alternative for Azerbaijan Economy: Azerbaijan is going through a very serious process caused by economic problems.
The unbalanced drop in oil prices and the fifty percent depreciation of the currency manat against the dollar and the euro put Azerbaijan in a difficult situation, whose economy was based on energy. The people went to the streets in response to this sudden crisis. The management, on the other hand, started the act of saving in public institutions and created new action plans in order to reduce public reaction and create short-term measures.
This crisis can cause many different problems in the near future. Opposing movements in the passive state may awaken and developments similar to the recent Nardaran events may pose a threat to domestic politics. The instability inside may push the Caucasus to a different channel regionally. Therefore, the trend in the country is closely followed by Armenia and Georgia.
Georgian officials announced that measures were taken to prevent developments similar to those in Azerbaijan. Vartan Voskanyan, one of the political experts in Armenia, stated in an evaluation that the Azerbaijani economy is based only on energy and that it will end one day. Another expert, Alexander Iskandaryan, explained that the Azerbaijani economy is based on energy at the rate of ninety percent and the rebellions should be met normally. In addition to these views, Atom Margaryan from Armenian State University of Economics warns that the same situation can be experienced in Armenia and calls for the creation of alternative economic plans.
The crisis faced by Azerbaijan has made the policies on the economy of the country based on energy again controversial. Reports published in Azerbaijan state that oil and natural gas are not infinite and alternative economic and energy policies should be developed. This also applies to other countries in the region. Georgia's foreign-dependent energy policy and Armenia's Russian-dependent economic policy may cause major crises in the future unless alternative is produced.
Non-energy in the region kazanIn the search for internal resources, the transportation field has a very important place. It would be beneficial for Baku to hurry in order to complete the existing projects in a short time and to produce new projects. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on projects that progress very slowly but can turn the region into a shining star, such as the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway (BTK) and the North-South Transportation Corridor.
ensure the continuity and speed of trade flows in the region, in order to facilitate passengers traveling to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey signed an agreement in Baku-Tbilisi-Kars between 2007 had begun the construction of a railway project. 1 million passengers per year, the 6,5 million tons cargo-carrying railway project's goal is to carry 2034 million passengers per year in 3 and 17 million tons of cargo per year. Although it is aimed to be completed in 2010, it will be possible to provide uninterrupted transportation in Europe-China line with the railway which has been completed for years.
Likewise, the North-South Transport Corridor, which will connect Europe to India, increases the importance of Azerbaijan. The project, in which Azerbaijan will become an important station, aims to transport millions of tons of cargo and millions of passengers through this line.
Billions of dollars per year only through transportation with its channel. kazanLike Panama, Azerbaijan has many opportunities in this regard via rail, road and Caspian Sea. However, if Georgia's desire to be a corridor between Iran and Russia as an alternative policy of Georgia, which is negotiating with Russia on energy, at the expense of complicating relations with Azerbaijan, is realized, and similar projects between Iran and Armenia are accelerated, Azerbaijan may lose the opportunities at hand.
Investing in the future and accelerating such projects to produce alternatives to energy resources that may end one day and

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