Breathtaking rescue in Uludag

Breathtaking rescue in Uludag: Bursa camp in Uludag, the 3 young, caught in a blizzard, the Jandarma Search and Rescue (JAK) asked for help from the team. Young people reached at the time they were about to freeze, rescued after 4 hours of operation

Aydın Adnan Menderes University Mountaineering Club members 4 camped at the Volfram Mine location at 2 bin 300 meters in Bursa Uludağ. After the end of the camp, club members left the region on Tuesday, Mustafa Teksin (20), Busenir Demirkan (19) and Mahir Ulas Kildis (21) decided to stay in the camp for a while. The previous day Morning extreme type and snow storm because of the tents of college teens fell, the storm passed through the snow pit waited. When the pit became unusable and Busenur Demirkan was disturbed, the youth asked the gendarmes for help.

Water and tea
The JAK teams acted with the 3 snow engine and the 4 UTV vehicle to rescue the 1 young people, who had determined that they were on the Tungsten Mine location through the geolocation system. JAK teams with 8 kilometers traveled through the 1.5 kilometer, where snow thickness reached 7 meters, on foot and reached the students who were about to freeze. JAK teams; water, tea and chocolate, carrying the clothes of the young people in overalls carried by the 4 hours at the end of the hotels to the region