Bitliste ski season opened

The ski season in Bitlis started: Citizens who took advantage of the weekend in Bitlis flocked to the ski centers where the snow thickness reached sufficient level.

As the snowfall replaced the sunny weather, Erhan Onur Güler in Bitlis center and Nemrut ski centers in Tatvan were filled.

Refik Avşar, Director of the Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate of Ski Camp Training Center, told reporters that the season has started at the Erhan Onur Güler Ski Facility affiliated with the institution.

Avşar, the facility is serving in a manner and everyone expects to make a skiing, said:

“We have free floating citizens in our facility. Our athletes also continue their work. Our facility is very beautiful and we have no troubles. Next week, we will launch the Ski Basic Education Camp by the Bitlis Governorship and the Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate. In the applications to be made to the basic training camp, we will take the athletes with their equipment. We aim to reach nearly 400 athletes in the camp. As of next week, our facility will operate continuously for 15 days. As long as there are people coming to skate, we can operate our facility every day. "

Metin Kazaz (66), who came to the facility for skiing, stated that he has been working in this field for about 50 years and said, “Before the chair lift system was built, we crushed this track to the top. Now our facility is very nice. I thank those who contributed to this. Ski season has started in our city. The facility is chirpy now, but we want our government and non-governmental organizations to help the young people skiing a little more. I wish it was a good ski season, ”he said.