Greater transportation from Kocaeli Metropolitan

Great move in transportation from Kocaeli Metropolitan: General Secretary Büyükakın, who said that the shopkeepers do not have eyes on bread, said, “We offer two suggestions to the cooperative representatives. A new pool will be installed or they will rent cars from us. Opinion will be received from Kocaeli University regarding the increase in transportation ”.
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to spread fast, safe and comfortable transportation throughout the city in Kocaeli, established Transportationpark A.Ş. in order to increase the quality of transportation services. The Chairman of the Board of Transport Park A.Ş., Metropolitan Secretary General Assoc. Dr. While Tahir Büyükakın was undertaking, Mehmet Yasin Özlü was appointed as the general manager.
2014-2035 PLANNING
Secretary General Tahir Büyükakın made a statement in the press release held in Antikkapı. Büyükakın planlama After the measurements made throughout the city, planning was made. Transportation Master Plan was made. The Transportation Master Plan was done only by us. 65 truck entering the city has work to the city. The president's not going anywhere. Logistics Master Plan. 2014-2035 population data were taken into consideration. 3 Million will be the population in 900 bin 2035. The number of employees is expected to be 1 Million 552 thousand. The number of students is projected as 970 bin 472. The revenue will be 2 thousand 773 TL, the number of cars 858 bin 158, the ownership of cars 220 and 8 20 276 XNUMX thousand people can make daily passengers are seen as ahead.
Büyükakın said that the roads could not be increased to this city amaz Then it is necessary to act accordingly. The system needs to be replaced. When the system is not changed, traffic will be stuck. There is no way to know this. Public transport has declined by 7 in the last two years. The reason for this is to be emphasized. 2013 in 117.921.442 is 2014 in 116.848.827 and 2015 in 111.764.315. Citizens are not interested in public transport. There is a mistake here. Anyone can ask for private travel. However, no one will want to bring the car to the city center and pay for it. Ancak
Tahir Büyükakın said that transportation was made in this city as a pedestrian, service, private car and public transportation. We aim to increase the public transport from 20 to 24. People need to be brought to a state that prefers public transport. Car parks need to be planned very well. Stripe drop should be provided in the right places. 30 junctions are planned. In 40 this will all end. The tram was approved. The line should end until 2019. Marmaray will come to Gebze. It will be finished in 2025. It will be combined with the suburban line B.
North metro will be made with 17 station. Büyükakın, who said that the minus geç 20-25 will pass ih, will be held on Wednesday. Metron's project 1.5 is prepared in the year. Tender is made in 6 a month. We're working on parking. There will be a parking garage where there is a former governor's office. Parking will be available on Thursday market. We're not interested in making money on the street. It is carried out in places where traffic is not interrupted. Long-term parking is done to deter. The charge will be uncovered during the time of charging without having to park above the street alın.
There are different applications all over the world Büyükakın ... Bikes are of great interest. In some places on the street parking courts have canceled the situation. A lawsuit was filed in our city. Only Leyla Atacak Street was canceled. The decision of the court must be implemented within a month. 1.5 is judged for years if you are implementing. We don't put ourselves in jail. We're going to take the bike paths on new roads. Traffic Control Center tender will be held. The tender will be held in 2016 this year. People violate the rules for not paying the price edi.
Tire Wheeled System is an inevitable system in our city, says Büyükakın. Significant steps have been taken to enlarge the cooperatives and at the point of merger. Negotiations continue. Transportation was established at the point of connection between the park and cooperatives. Transportation is expensive because they cannot get another passenger. Cooperatives will create a pool or we will put bus on the bus. It is not the line to fight the existing cooperatives. These lines have been put to the existing structure. 93 is even being entered, X he said.
Büyükakın said e We do not have any eye on the tradesmen of the tradesmen “. As a municipality, we have to serve the citizens. We don't want trades to be hurt. But the quality of the service provided by the tradesmen is not satisfied with the survey, which is seen in the surveys. There is a dissatisfaction. We do the request of the citizen. We are trying to keep our tradesmen alive. They can rent our vehicles. We can rent their vehicles. In this city, transfer cannot be done. It should be cheaper to travel. We want the second transfer to be 50 discounted. 90 will be discounted by 50 per minute X.
Transportation Park Inc.; 4 will operate in separate areas, including bus management, tramway management, parking and terminal operations and sea transportation. 240 purchased by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality was transferred to 179 bus Transportation Park Inc. by the 18 of the new generation passenger bus.
197 BUS
Transportation Park Inc. 1 2016 5 55 197 240 1 2016 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX new bus XNUMX will start passenger transportation on lines determined by XNUMX February XNUMX.
The new garage and natural gas (CNG) filling facility in Gebze and Körfez districts for the new passenger busses by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is also being transported to the Transportation Park A.Ş. to serve within. Tramway operations, car park and terminal operations and activities in the sea transportation areas will be transferred to Ulaşımpark A.Ş.
Transportation Park Inc. natural gas, environmentalist, library, manual passenger ramp, which will be put into service, with bicycle apparatus (20 is capable of carrying 2 bikes on the bus); Together with the new 197 bus, the annual passenger carrying capacity of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is expected to increase by 2,5. Accordingly, the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli Transportation Park Inc. 45 aims to increase the number of passenger transports per year by the new buses that will serve in its structure.
On the other hand, with the e-komobil project carried out by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Department, all the necessary information about public transportation and transportation was gathered under a single application. The application is used on Android and iOS smartphones. Application The Smart Stop screen under Passenger Information and the line of vehicles approaching the stops are presented as stop and minute. With the system, the user can see how many hours the journey will take, which lines to use, which stops and at which stop to land and all other information on the map and step by step. With the application, information about ferry hours, Closed Routes, Taxi Stops, Travel Card Balance, Kobis Stations are reached. Application also serves web users.
BASIC CASE 12 Line 19 Vehicle
CAYIROVA 7 line 16 vehicle
DARICA 8 line 26 vehicle
DILOVASI 4 line 16 vehicle
GEBZE 12 line 26 vehicle
GÖLCÜK 10 line 21 vehicle
İZMİT-DERİNCE 20 line 65 vehicle
KANDIRA 2 line 10 vehicle
KARAMURSEL 2 line 9 vehicle
KARTEPE 11 line 27 vehicle
GULF 5 line 14 vehicle

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