Beşikdüzü ropeway project received great repercussions

Besikduzu ropeway project has aroused great reactions: Besikduzu Mayor Orhan Bicakcioglu has put his political accumulation and experience into practice and he carries out all the projects he has promised for Besikduzu one by one. President Bıçakçıoğlu'nun from the Bank of Provinces for Beşikdüzü 50 million TL ropeway project in Trabzon, the price has aroused wide. While waiting for the cable car project in the center of Trabzon, be set up in Besikduzu, Bıçakçıoğlu'nun on the attention.

The General Manager of Iller Bank Mehmet Turgut Dedeoğlu's allocation to the cable car project of Beşikdüzü Municipality by 50 million TL has received great applause. Dedeoğlu, who carried out a project-based study, was aware of the tourism potential in the Eastern Black Sea Region. It is also known that Dedeoğlu, General Manager, has asked the mayors to make projects on a continuous basis and gives great support to all realistic projects.

On the other hand Besikduzu Mayor Orhan Bicakcioglu Besikduzu claimed to be a district under the special patronage of the President, düz We have promised to make this district like the province. We're gonna do whatever it takes. Of course we have serious problems. But we won't take no excuse. As Mayor, we will work harder and produce projects. Our aim is to make Beşikdüzü the most attractive city of Trabzon and a tourism city. We are in this effort. Bu

Bıçakçıoğlu said, lar I present my gratitude and gratitude to the General Manager of Iller Bank, Mr. Mehmet Turgut Dedeoğlu about the cable car project or other projects. I am also grateful to Iller Bank staff. I am removing a hat in front of him by expressing that Mr. General Manager has an entrepreneurial spirit. I would also like to thank to our deputy, Mr. Mohamed Balta, for his interest and interest in our projects from the very beginning. We are also grateful to Mr. Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality who shared our enthusiasm with us in all our projects, opened up ahead of us and gave us all his knowledge and experience. I am confident that we will do the projects that will mark the future of Trabzon together. Trabzon

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