Train Station of the municipality became the venue of tinercilerin

The Municipality's Train Library has become the place of thinners: The old planes and trains, which Çankırı Municipality turned into a library in order to give children the habit of reading books, have been waiting to be opened for 2 years.
The plane and train libraries prepared by Çankırı Mayor İrfan Dinç with the slogan of '18 projects in 18 months' have not been put into operation despite the years. The train library on the Çankırı-Ankara road has now become the place of thinners. Beer bottles and lighter gas tubes in the train cause the reaction of the citizens who come to visit.
While the lack of books in the train library drew attention, residents of the area complained of indifference. Citizens said, “Authorities should find a solution as soon as possible, thinners have turned this place into a residence. The library has been empty for a year. "A library cannot be done without a book."



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