Railway workers on strike in Belgium

Railway workers on strike in Belgium: In Belgium, railway workers who reacted to the government's reform package that cut the budget went on a 48-hour strike.
In Belgium, railway workers, reacting to the reform package that envisions cuts in the budget, launched a 48-hour strike.
Railway union members gathered at the Brussels train station and announced that the 22.00-day strike began at 2:XNUMX local time.
In the statement made here, it was stated that in the reform package prepared by the government within the framework of austerity measures, the 20 percent budget cut for the railways will cause at least 33 thousand out of 6 thousand employees to lose their jobs.
Decrease in the number of staff, for other employees per year 6 daily holiday loss, said the statement, if the strike is successful across the country reported that the train will stop completely tomorrow.
- International flights are canceled
Following the strike decision, Eurostar firm announced that train services from London to Brussels will only be to Lille, France.
Thalys, which is a high-speed train company carrying out Paris-Amsterdam and Paris-Cologne flights from Brussels, said that no trains will be made tomorrow and that only 2 flights will be held late on Thursday.
Trade unions in the Dutch-speaking Flemish region do not participate in the strike in the French-speaking Walloon region and the reason for the ongoing negotiations with the government. If there is no agreement, it is expected to resume strike in February.

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