Turkmen Turkmen Investigates Eurasia Tunnel Project On Site

President Turkmen, Eurasia Tunnel Project in-situ examined: Avrasya Tunnel Project on-site exam, Üsküdar Mayor Hilmi Turkmen information about the work, "such a great project, but hats removed," he said.
The Mayor of Uskudar Hilmi Turkmen visited the Eurasia Tunnel Project on-site and received information on the current situation. Hilmi Türkmen, who has been examining the giant project that will connect the Asian and European sides with a highway tunnel passing under the sea floor, said, alt Only a hat is removed for such a big project. In
By Hilmi Turkmen, "New Turkey them so the project" is described as the traffic in Istanbul is intense, which will serve as Kazlıçeşme-Goztepe line Eurasia Tunnel, total 14,6 kilometers covers a route. The 5,4 kilometer section of the project will consist of a two-storey tunnel to be constructed with a special technology under the sea floor and connection tunnels to be constructed by other methods, while road expansion and improvement works will be carried out on the total 9,2 kilometer in Europe and Asia. Approaches between Sarayburnu-Kazlıçeşme and Harem-Göztepe will be expanded. Vehicle underpasses and pedestrian overpasses will be built.
Tunneling and road improvement-expansion work will relieve vehicle traffic in a holistic structure. The journey time in Istanbul, where traffic is very intense, will be the privilege of a safe and comfortable journey while 100 travels to 15 minutes. It will contribute to the reduction of environmental and noise pollution.
Will be completed more than expected
1 billion 245 will run the tunnel 29 year-round companies that will complete the project with a capital investment of $ 1 million. The project, which was planned to be completed in 55 months, was planned to be completed within the first 2017 month of 6. However, in order to speed up the construction of the project faster than expected and to ease the traffic in Istanbul, the works were accelerated in the end of 2016.
It is stated that the project will reduce the journey time of 100 from 15 to 7,5 minutes. 4 is scheduled to be XNUMX dollars excluding VAT in the first year for automobiles in one direction in the opening year of opening the car tolls from the tunnel planned not to be damaged by an earthquake.

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