President Karaosmanoğlu Examined London Rail Transfers Transfer Station

President Karaosmanoğlu examined the London Railway Transfer Station: President Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu examined the main railway station and newly formed trade areas in London.
Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, President of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, and his delegation made observations on the Gulf-Cengiz Topel Metro line project, prepared the Project of Rail, consulted in rail systems projects and together with the officials of the London Metro Line Project Transfer Station Project Arup Company in London. President Karaosmanoğlu Secretary General Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın, President of Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce Murat Özdağ.
President Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu and his accompanying delegation on the tour of the study by the Arup firm in London, made a detailed presentation about the projects implemented in London. After the presentation, Karaosmanoğlu and the accompanying delegation visited the sample rail and subway stations and the new commercial centers and development areas around them, which led to the positive impact of the transportation infrastructure investments on the region.
London Railways Transfer Station and the city square on the spot, President Karaosmanoglu and his delegation, the London Square Sunday Site in Kocaeli, this transformation of the transformation planned to the City Square, Metro and Tramway, Railway Systems Transfer Station, the applicability was examined on the spot.
In this context, the existing St Pancras station in London was renewed and expanded, and the inter-station connections of International Speed ​​Train Station and Kings Cross Central Station were expanded. Arup, who is the international design company for the field trip and who also made the projects of the development project in this region, joined the European Rail Systems Manager Cem Budak and Chief Architect Caroline Sohie.

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