President Altepe cuts his hope from Uludağ

President Altepe cut his hope from Uludağ: Despite the instruction of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, "Make Uludağ as Davos", the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs does not want to authorize, and the services and investments expected for years cannot be made in Uludağ. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, while giving up hope on Uludağ, said, “We cannot serve Uludağ with this head. The area needs to leave the National Park, especially in the hotels region. If not, there is no need to talk in vain ”.

Speaking at the press conference about 2015-2016 fairs held in BTSO Altıparmak Service Building, Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe said that Uludağ should get out of the National Park status as soon as possible. As the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa, Altepe stated that they could not perform any operations in Uludağ in terms of service, 'There is so much work to be done; everyone needs to do their part. We're ready to do our part. Uludag; As long as the National Park is there we can not do anything. When hotels are taken out of the area national park, then we can take you there to serve. There is nothing to do there under the circumstances. Because we're sending machines to clean the ski slope. 'This is the National Park' they are opposed by saying. It's not with the head. This has to change. Hotels in the region, especially urgently need to leave the National Park. There's no need to talk in vain. The Ministry of Forestry makes the necessary statement. Orman

European 100 years ago began a study in Turkey stated that the newly implemented Altepe, "We're trying to get our work in Congress from them. The sub-structures need to be completed. Brand name is not immediately brand. You need to build infrastructure on this subject. There's a lot to do. We visited the congress culture centers in the world for Merinos AKKM. From the operation to the function to the finest details have investigated. We don't even have a little bit of them. But it takes a while for them to form. We are now offering free of charge in congress halls. As long as the congresses are here. But before the congress, companies are asking hotels. Since there are no hotels after the agreement with us, almost all of them are going to Antalya. They are all a whole. 5 star hotels do not have a hotel. In addition, there should be boutique hotels and hostels, Bun he said.

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