Train car in Tekirdag cut 1 dead (Video)

Tekirdag Train car cut out 1 dead: The driver who passed through the non-barrier area of ​​the level crossing, which was closed for the passage of a train in Tekirdag, died. The moments of the disaster were reflected on the MOBES camera in seconds.
In the district of Ergene in Tekirdağ, the freight train hit the driver who wanted to cross the road across the level crossing with a short transition barrier. The driver of the car, 42-year-old Özden Güler, died in the hospital where he was seriously injured.
In the accident that occurred in the Velimeşe District around 19.30 in Ergene, ÇerkezköyThe car under Özden Güler direction from Çorlu to Istanbul wanted to cross the area without barriers, without waiting for the passage of the train, although it was allegedly closed at the level crossing.
Meanwhile ÇerkezköyIn the direction of Edirne Kapıkule Border Gate, mechanic numbered 83122, the freight train hit by the car under the direction of Ömer Taş. The driver of the car, which was dragged about 200 meters, was seriously injured. Güler, who was taken to Çorlu State Hospital with an ambulance called to the scene, lost his life despite all the interventions. Özden Güler's body was placed in a hospital morgue for an autopsy.
The level crossing that was closed due to the accident was opened to traffic after the vehicle was pulled from the rails by the citizens and gendarmerie. The accident was viewed by the MOBESE camera in the vicinity. Engineer Omer Stone, to be taken to the command of the gendarmerie commander, the investigation is ongoing.



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