Bağcılar - Kabataş bomb scattered on the tram scared

Bağcılar - Kabataş The scattered package on the tram scared:Kabataş-The package, which was adorned with a bomb that was left on the tram, which made the Bağcılar expedition, disrupted the tram services. The package with clock and cables was detonated by bomb disposal teams. Due to the intervention, 1 hour of downtime occurred in the tram services.
In the direction of Aksaray, passengers on the tram in the direction of the train noticed the package with the cables and the clock and notified the police. 17.30 alert the incoming alarms, the police, a large number of official and civilian crew referred to the region. The passengers on the tram waiting at the Beyazıt station were evacuated. The entrance, exit and circumference of the stop is surrounded by a safety strip. In the meantime, the other trams began to be kept waiting.
Bomb disposal experts from the scene, checked the package by wearing special outfit. Then the package was destroyed with a detonator. It was determined that a clock and cables were placed in a package that was detonated with a big noise and a bomb was given.
Due to the suspicious package intervention, the 1 hourly hitch occurred in the tram routes. Passengers in the nearby trams were also evacuated while the suspect was interfering with the package.

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