Babaoğlu, Konya Metro As Promised

Babaoglu, Konya Subway As Promised.Ak Party Konya Deputy Mehmet Babaoglu, spoke about the metro project. Babaoglu, "promised, we will do," he said
Professor Dr. Mehmet Babaoğlu and Selman Selim Akyüz, the author, asked the status of Konya projects. Babaoğlu said, uz We work intensively. We follow our projects. Metro is very big project. It costs about 3 billion pounds. Our government will fulfill all the promises promised so far, as well as the subway. The Minister of Transport confirmed this on a question proposal: “Promised, it will be done,” he said.
Stating that there is a density of visits due to the first days of the Assembly, Babaoğlu said, “We try to deal with the problems of our citizens and NGOs as much as possible. We listen carefully to all kinds of requests, reach the necessary places in the public and follow the results. As Konya deputies, we will follow up the meetings by organizing monthly meetings. ”


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