Cheap skiing in Austria

Uludag cheaper than skiing in Austria: spring break skiing children in families that leads to Alba chose not to Turkey. The reason for this is completely emotional! Aside from Bulgaria, skiing even in Austria comes from Uludağ and Palandöken.

The previous day, a news report of the Anatolian Agency. Interviews with the children were carried out with their families as soon as they got their report cards at the airport terminal. At the entrance of the news 'International Terminal terminal is clicked when there is calmness in the domestic terminal,' he drew attention, while the microphone extended length 80'ye children went to Austria to ski holiday.

Sarıkamış is expensive

Why didn't families choose Austria as Sarıkamış and Erciyes? For those who want to do skiing, it was noted that their tours abroad were more affordable than in the country. Domestic prices for one person on the skiing holiday start at 810 liras, and abroad starts at 161. The most convenient location in the country is Kars Sarıkamış and the most suitable location abroad is Bulgaria Bansko. Even in Austria, the world's most popular ski resort 710 pounds in Sarikamis with prices starting from the cheap is possible to make holiday. Other alternatives to cheap skiing include Borovest in Bulgaria, Pomporovo and Innsbruck in Austria. The most active location in Turkey is Uludağ. But the prices are burning hands.

Are you looking for profit first in the country

Etstur Domestic Operations Manager Bora Young, of the reason for the more expensive winter tourism in Turkey showed the lack of early booking habits. Genç said, ekt We suffered during the semester breaks. We couldn't sell ski tours until 2-3 weeks before. Because our people are looking at whether there is snow in the semester. For this reason, our sales start with the profit and is expensive as it is, Bu he said.

Young people in the country is now the most active place saying that Uludağ, "Our people after the snow decided to prefer the nearest places. Flight tickets are very expensive and do not prefer places to go by plane. Therefore, Uludağ and Kartalkaya are the most popular. Bu

149 starts from euro

Etstur Overseas Operations Manager Cem Sağlam stated that there is a demand for the most Bonso tours. Belir Our Bonsko tours 149 starts from the euro and is very demanding. We have a bus every week. France and Austria abroad other demanding routes, Yurt he said.

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