Tram to Antalya

Tram to Antalya: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Councilor Songül Başkaya: TL 955 million TL to Ankara for rail system projects, 750 million TL to Istanbul, the government of the AKP Government, the 259 million TL allocated to Antalya. It is unacceptable for the Konya Metropolitan Municipality to undertake the 45 kilometer rail system project and to treat it as a stepfather in Antalya and to contribute much less than other metropolitan cities. Konya
On the 12 January 2016 session of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Council, 39 million Euro + 10 million TL borrowing authorization was granted for the Meydan-EXPO rail line. As a result of the voting which I rejected because of the project that was not paid, the master plan of the transportation was not accepted and the decision to borrow was accepted by majority.
As it is known, Antalya, Menderes Türel's 1. also under the mayor of the period was under a great debt. As of now, a 400 1 million TL. There is a debt of the stage tram project. Wholesaler status, bus station revenues are under mortgage until 2028. Moreover, among the light rail systems implemented during the same period, the Kayseri project has a solid cost of approximately 2. 17.8 The kilometer cost of the Kayseri project is 12.7 million TL, while the cost of the 11.1 kilometer line of Antalya is 27.3 million TL. ( addition, Antalya has established Kepez-Çallı line as an expensive system not only in Kayseri but also in the same period of projects in Samsun, Gaziantep and Istanbul.
Now let's say Türel's 2. 2, which claims to 'pay off its debt'. The tender for the stage project Ulaştırma The tender for the 18 kilometer project covering the Meydan-EXPO line was awarded by the Ministry of Transportation to 259 million TL. However, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is also borrowing approximately TL 135 million for construction works and vehicles that are not foreseen in the tender. The Islamic Bank's 20 received authorization yesterday for annual borrowing. Thus, the total cost of vehicle purchases and tenders, including 394 million TL. The cost of the 18 mileage of this tram system is 21.8 million TL with vehicles.
According to these figures, Antalya's 2. Stage tram project is Turkey's most expensive tram project. This project, just like in the past, unfortunately is one of the projects in which public resources are drifted. The figures that explained the dynamics of the city of Antalya are also indicative of this. According to the accounts of the Chamber of Civil Engineers Antalya Branch; The Antalya rail system has a solid cost of 3 of other cities. With the account of the IMO, the 1 kilometer of the Antalya rail system project costs 14.4 million pounds. The cost of kilometers in the 22,3 kilometer-long Izmir line is 8.1 million. 13 million on the 6.4 kilometer Samsun line; 16,5 million liras in the 4.3 kilometer line; 4.1 million in Eskişehir line with the same length.
Antalya Turkey's economy as the lifeline of a city ministry opportunities with the possibility of making investments either in whole or in part was done by installing units on the back of Antalya. The mayor of the ruling Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and deputies should fight for the recycling of the contribution of Antalya to the scoop, which finances the country's current account deficit.
According to the public information, the government has allocated 2015 million TL to Ankara for 955 investment program and 750 million to Istanbul for rail system projects. It is unacceptable for Konya Metropolitan Municipality to undertake the 259 kilometer rail system project and to make a stepfather treatment to Antalya and to contribute much less than other metropolitan cities.
Moreover 23 April, the government of Turkey for the first expo of foreign player who will make Antalya a rail system cost, while fully welcome the opportunity, including vehicle purchase, it will also do is a big slap in the name of Antalya. As a result of the wrong policies of the government and the crisis of agriculture, the AKP has brought a debt burden to Antalya. Türel, who walks with the motto of erece good future to Antalya alı, will give the most beautiful answer to this tram stop. 13 JANUARY 2016


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