Expo-Meydan Rail System Line Car Purchase Discussions

Expo-Square Rail Line Vehicle Purchase Negotiations: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, EXPO-Square Rail System line about the Republican People's Party (CHP) Antalya Provincial Chairman Semih Esen made a statement about the allegations.
In the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication and the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality's EXPO-Square Rail System Line are undergoing a great deal of speed.
In the statement, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has made a tender for the purchase of vehicles under its responsibility, and the tender has been concluded in recent days, the tender for the financing of the tender of the Metropolitan Municipality in January was recorded in the Parliamentary Assembly was recorded. The necessary loan, the Iller Bank through the Islamic Development Bank, one of the world's largest multilateral financial institutions, pointed out that the statement said:
Iştir The provincial head of the CHP, Semih Esen, stated that this borrowing was not within the municipal authority, and that the Ministry of the Interior should be approved by the Ministry of Interior for the borrowing of more than ten percent of the previous year's budget. The situation stated by Mr. Esen applies to the routine investments of municipalities subject to domestic borrowing. However, in the case of giant projects such as the projects awarded to Antalya by the Metropolitan Municipality, the procedure is completely different. We do not normally know that Mr. Esen does not know the procedure for giant projects, since such investments have not been made to Antalya during his administration.
There is no borrowing limit in large-scale infrastructure investments taken by the Ministry of Development in the investment program. 5393 of Municipal Law No. 68. In paragraph (f) of the Article 'Borrowings to be made for the projects adopted by the Council of Ministers upon the proposal of the Undersecretariat of the State Planning Organization for infrastructure investments requiring high technology and large amount of financial resources of the municipalities
is not taken into account in calculating the amount. In the projects that require outsourcing, the opinion of the Undersecretariat of Treasury is taken. In this project, a written positive opinion was received from the Undersecretariat of Treasury. The taking of the Airport, EXPO Rail System Car purchase project into the 2015 investment plan was approved by the 30.09.2014 date and the Council of Ministers Decree 2014 / 6841 and was included in the investment program with the project number 2015E060050. For this reason, there is no borrowing limit for Meydan-Airport-EXPO Rail System Vehicle purchase project. Bu

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