Hundreds of children have met with Olympos ropeway

Hundreds of children Olympos Teleferik met with Snow: Olympos Teleferik, one of the longest ropeways in Europe, brought children together with snow.

Hundreds of students in schools in and around Antalya in the weekend enjoyed both snow and snow. Teachers and their families together with the Olympos Teleferik 2365 meters to the peak of the children playing snow ball, snowman made.

Olympos Teleferik General Manager Haydar Gümrükçü said, birlikte We have entered the programs of our schools together with the profit falling to the summit. We are faced with a demanding student demand. We bring our students who are studying in our schools in Antalya and in our region to profit. We expect the interest of the summit to increase even more with the introduction of the schools next week. In addition, we organize a painting competition in order to instill nature love and environmental consciousness in our schools. The results will be evaluated and announced in March. We will have a variety of gifts for our students. Derece

On the other hand, in accordance with the demands of one and two kilometers in a safe way, accompanied by experienced climbers in the snow walking event is organized.

Olympos Teleferik, which is one of the most important points of alternative tourism, ranks among the longest ropeways in Europe in a unique national park route. Swiss technology and safety standards are applied in the cable car. 2 365 1 471 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX

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