Antalya Sarusu Tünektepe Cable Car Project Tender for the Second Time

Antalya Sarusu Tünektepe Cable Car Project was Tender for the Second Time: The Tünektepe cable car project, which will bring the citizen who entered the sea in Antalya Sarısu into a beautiful landscape and forest air after a few minutes, could not be implemented. 9.8 Million TL the first tender was canceled, the project was re-tender. 5 company participated in the tender.
Tünektepe ropeway project turned into a snake story. About 4 The project, which was tendered by Antalya Special Provincial Administration a year ago and construction works started, could not be completed on time. The project was transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality, which was closed from the closed special administration, again. The first tender for the project is 9.8 million TL 7 million TL 9.8 million TL there are bids. The tender for the completion of the Tünektepe lar Sarısu cable car construction work was carried out in the consultancy office of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. According to 4734 of the Public Procurement Law numbered 19, 5 company participated in the tender conducted by Nabi Alparslan, Head of Investments Branch of the Department of Science Works of Metropolitan Municipality.
Antalya Tünektepe Cable Car Completion Construction Work was closed by the Antalya Special Provincial Administration in August 2012. Construction work started in April of 2013. 2014 Year In May, when the Metropolitan Law came into effect, the project was transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality. The municipality did not finish the job in time, citing the Metropolitan Municipality, in August 2015 canceled the tender in August. After the tender was canceled, the tender for the completion of the ropeway construction work was rebuilt yesterday.
Konyaalti District, Sub-station Sarısu, the upper station as a result of the tender for the firm to sign the contract on the day of the contract will be delivered within 5 days. The construction work from the delivery of the place is the 150 calendar day.
Osman Uluç 6 million 950 thousand TL, Kumsan Asfalt Beton Mıcır ve İnşaat San. Tic. Ltd. 7 million 7 thousand TL, Grand Concrete Building Materials San Tic. Ltd. 7 million 200 thousand TL, Akkaya Construction Tourism and Trade Co. Ltd. and Sarılar Construction business partnership 8 million 500 thousand TL, Ropelı Taşımacılık Müh. Machinery Construction San. and Tic. Ltd. Sti 9 million 844 thousand TL.

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